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Things to do in Lachung | Best time to visit Lachung

Travel Guide to Explore Lachung

Lachung is the hidden gem of the state and it is located in the northern part of Sikkim. Lachung is 109 km away from Gangtok and is an offbeat hamlet placed perfectly as if paradise on Earth. Lachung is a dream come true destination for nature lovers, trekkers and adventure lovers. Many places in the Lachung are untouched and unexplored which makes it more enchanted and interesting.

Lachung has an alpine climate which means during the winters there is heavy snowfall and during the spring and summer it is pleasantly warm. During the monsoon it rains heavily, despite the heavy rain and snow Lachung remains one of the most popular destinations of Sikkim. Every season has its own unique beauty and the place is so beautiful that it is going to make you want to stay more and explore.


Lachung is surrounded by mountains by all the sides and is one of the must visit destinations in Sikkim. To visit this picturesque town here is the detailed breakdown of the different seasons. With each season contributing in its own unique way towards the beauty of this village, make sure to visit Lachung in your preferred season.

Winter - Winters in Lachung is extremely cold, the temperatures can go low as -5°C and the highest temperature is usually 10°C. Winter here generally begins from October and lasts till the end of February. Winters are simply magical in Lachung; you will experience plenty of snowfalls and watch the entire place get covered by white blanket of snow. You can also go sightseeing during the winters but can also encounter thick layers of fog which can be a problem sometimes. Also the road sometimes gets blocked due to heavy snowfall but overall Lachung is one of the most popular places to visit during the winters.

Monsoon - In Lachung monsoon begins from July and lasts till end of September. During this time there will be plenty of heavy rainfall and cold weather. Also due to the heavy rainfall there can be landslides in some areas which make it inconvenient to go for sightseeing. But some people love the rain so you can just sit in and watch the rainfall in the lush green forests and the village. Read a book and sleep while hearing the sounds of rain drops. The atmosphere here during the monsoon is just so fresh, green, pure and relaxing.

Summer - In Lachung summer begins from March and lasts till end of June. The temperature during this time ranges from 10°C to 28°C which makes the weather just warm and moderate. The peak season to visit Lachung is usually the summers as it is the time for the Rhododendrons to bloom. The distinct beauty of this place is the flowers which come into full bloom during the summers and can be seen in all shades of red. Also the weather is pleasantly appropriate for sightseeing and exploring the local areas.


Lachung is a paradise for nature lovers, explorers and adventure lovers. There are so many places to visit and things to do when in Lachung. Firstly, it is a must to explore the town by foot and see the local authentic traditional homes. Secondly, you must feast on local food and lastly to try the ultimate best homemade local drinks.


Featuring all varieties of colorful rhododendrons and other flowers the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is just a surreal place to visit. This sanctuary not only attracts researchers but also many travelers so it is one of the must visit locations of Lachung. The flowers go in full bloom during April and last till June. When you see the entire sanctuary bloom in different shades and colors it just feels like an amazingly perfect place to be.


Lachung is also known for its fruit orchards. Fruits like apples, apricots and peaches are grown in this place. People here have fruit orchards and have beautiful productions of these fruits. During the harvest season you will be able to witness the amazing production and also the organically grown fruits taste quite amazing therefore the orchards are a must visit.


Lachung Monastery also popularly known as the Samten Chorling is a very old Buddhist Monastery. It was built in 1850 and the beautiful architecture of this monastery is preserved till date. Every year there is a spectacular religious mask dance performance done by the lamas or the monks known as chaam and it is going to be one in a lifetime experience for you.


There are two very popular waterfalls situated in Lachung called Bhim Nala and Naga Falls. One of it is the tallest waterfalls of Sikkim and it cascades down in three tiers. You need to trek a few km of rocky terrain to reach the viewing location of the Naga Falls. When in Lachung take a short hike to watch these waterfalls and just get lost in nature.


Mount Katao is like when a beautiful picture postcard comes to life. Mount Katao is a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains and thick pine vegetation and you can only enter this place with a special permit issued by the Indian army. During the spring and summer season you will be able to see lots of flowers bloom like rhododendron, primula and poppy. For all the adventure lovers you can also trek to this place obviously with the help of proper guide and safety.


Zero Point is about 50 km away from Lachung and is the end of the access for all the civilians as it falls right on the China border. Zero point remains frozen in most times of the year and is a very isolated place. The wind here is freezing cold but it is such a picturesque place. The long journey to reach the Zero point is all worth it and you will realize that when you see this place with your own eyes.


The most popular place is the Yumthang Valley. Whoever visits Sikkim do not miss visiting Yumthang Valley. This valley is the one place everyone wants to see during the summer and spring season. The entire valley is filled with rhododendrons in full bloom with different shades and colors. The valley is surrounded by snow capped mountains and just imagine you in between the flowers it is just unbelievably beautiful. Also you have to take a dip in Hot springs near this valley. The hot springs are incredibly amazing and it is also believed that the hot springs water has important health benefits. So when in Yumthang enjoy the valley, nature at its best and also take a long dip in the magical hot springs.


To arrive in Lachung first you have to reach the capital Gangtok. On reaching you can stay overnight and explore the town. As Lachung is 109 km away from Gangtok it takes about 4-5 hours to reach Lachung by road. To enter Lachung you need a mandatory permit slip from the state which can be managed by your travel agent. Also the vehicle which will be responsible for your entire tour will be managed by your travel agent according to your choice whether you want to go in a shared cab or hire a cab completely for yourself. The journey to Lachung from Gangtok usually starts early in the morning. Also the drive will be just mind blowing. You will be able to see many local sightseeing places on the way and also the scenery of the mountains once you enter the North side will just capture your soul.